“Air Jordan 1 shoes worn by Michael Jordan of rookie season against Denver Nuggets go under the hammer”: Bulls legend’s shoes set to fetch more than $ 1 million at Sotheby’s

Michael Jordan was the first NBA player to truly have a successful sneaker line, which is why his first shoes are in high demand.

The 21-year-old decided to forgo the final year of his studies at UNC and declared himself for the 1984 NBA Draft. He was later met by executives from various shoe companies.

The consensus opinion at the time was that Michael Jordan would undoubtedly carve out a star name for himself. But we obviously didn’t know how far he would really go in terms of fame and fortune.

Nike made a huge bet by devoting all of its basketball shoe marketing campaigns to the young Bulls. They offered Jordan $ 5 million under a 5-year contract, adding a 25% royalty on each Air Jordan sold.

This bet, orchestrated for Nike and Phil Knight for Sonny Vaccaro, turned out to be one of the biggest wins ever. Michael has enjoyed success and popularity on a scale hitherto unknown and still intact.

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His Air Jordan 1 sneakers have carved out a place for themselves as the most iconic streetwear pieces of all time. And one of his worn parts of this shoe now goes under the hammer.

Air Jordan 1 shoes worn by Michael Jordan in rookie season against Denver Nuggets to be auctioned

Originals worn by the games for early editions of shoes have always had higher ratings among collectors. It’s no secret that everyone wants a piece of His Airness – the more authentic, the better.

And in this case, it’s a worn-out shoe from his rookie season that he gave to a ball collector. The Chicago Bulls faced the Denver Nuggets at Mile High City in Game 5 of his rookie year. This is when the aforementioned bullet collector got lucky without pretention.

The most expensive sneaker sold at auction belonged to hip-hop producer Kanye West. This particular coin fetched a hefty price tag of $ 1.8 million. These Air Jordans are also expected to bring in a sum north of the 6-zero mark.

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