Allbirds Trail Runner SWT shoes are made for adventure

I have been an Allbirds enthusiast for years. I enviously gazed at the soft, woolly sneakers that my co-workers at the time wore for months before finally cracking up and ordering my own. Since then, I have bought pairs for every member of my family. These are my go-to shoes for the airport. My favorite shoe “I will stay up all day”. My discreet but supportive shoe. But now they’re doing something new: they want me to go outdoors.

Allbirds recently unveiled their latest style, the Trail Runners SWT, a running sneaker designed for all terrains. SWT stands for Sugar, Wool, and Tree, the natural composition of the shoe. The $ 138 sneaker, available for both Men and women-is made with a recycled merino wool poly ripstop material, which offers durability and thermoregulatory properties. It also features an eco-friendly, extra-cushioning SweetFoam midsole (made from sugarcane) and a eucalyptus fiber knit interior that wicks sweat and created for all-day breathable wear.

[Photo: courtesy Allbirds]

The Trail Runner SWTThe soles are designed to mimic the treads of mountain bikes, arranged in a bulging and curved texture, with a placement inspired by the pool paintings of artist David Hockney. The design also allows the grippy soles to mitigate the impact of rough terrain while providing cushioned, responsive traction. Allbirds says he put the shoe to the test, handing it over to professional runner Jorge Maravilla and running trainer Iman Smith and asking other runners to go over 2,000 miles on trails and hikes .

I am an Allbirds minimalist. I like my simple, clean Tree mat in Kaikoura White. And my cozy Wool lounge chairs in a nubby charcoal gray, named Natural Gray. The Trail Runner SWT appeals to my sensibility, as well as those who want sneakers that scream “We’re here!” of the roadway. The shoe is available in a limited edition shade called Diablo, which is a must-see reddish orange and reddish orange. The other two shades, iterations of off-white and black with charcoal gray accents, are more my speed.

I received a pair of Trail Runner SWT sneakers in anthracite-y Black. They are exceptionally light and feel as soft as my other woolen Allbirds. My partner wears Allbirds Dasher Mizzles Yarn for racing on rainy days and they feel comparable, with a more sturdy base and extra friction via the elbow-macaroni-shaped treads. The likelihood of me running through the woods in the near future is… well, unlikely. But the likelihood of getting on and off Boston’s slippery subway platforms and icy sidewalks is looming.

Allbirds has proven to be wise in its fabric choices, avoiding clogging the environment with harmful waste. It also avoids manufacturing practices that pollute the earth. Consuming less is always a key part of reducing waste: we should only buy the things we really need. The Trail Runner SWT, for me, ticks a few boxes. By wearing them, I can survive a cityscape made worse by a New England winter—and head out of town for an unpaved weekend hike. They’re stylish enough to fit into an everyday wardrobe, but also built to withstand the elements if need be. You probably never really need all fashion item, but as a mixture of form and function, the shoes are certainly quite close.

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