Boston College and New Balance offer more than just shoes

If you’ve been on social media today you’ve seen the jokes about Boston College’s new clothing deal with New Balance. And there have been many. “Boston College is the new college team for middle aged dads!“or“ the deal includes pleated shorts, sandals and knee high socks for each athlete. ”were two tweets that were pulled after the deal was announced. These tweets focus on the old perception of New Balance and don’t really touch the newer vibe the company is bringing and the true importance of this new clothing deal for the Eagles. It’s a huge deal for Boston College for a number of reasons, and is much more important than shoes.

First, it gets Boston College out of a deal with Under Armor, a deal that hasn’t been very beneficial for the Eagles. UA hasn’t done much to improve the brand, producing overlooked uniforms for all sports on campus. It was as if the company focused heavily on other schools and left British Columbia hanging in the wind. And with the company reportedly losing money while losing schools, securing a new deal with a more creditworthy company is a wise move for the university.

The Eagles will also get a huge financial windfall from this deal. Not only is this the biggest clothing deal in school history, but Pat Kraft was able to negotiate the deal without even including football, which he can then make another deal with another company – rumor has it that it is Adidas. With this influx of money, Boston College Athletics can continue to expand its facilities, have a higher budget, and strengthen its programs.

This idea that New Balance is an outdated product that is only for middle-aged men is a misnomer. While there is certainly a percentage of sales that hits this demographic, the company seems poised to continue its efforts to reach a younger audience. NBA MVP Kawhi Leonard recently signed a sponsorship deal with the company and lobbied for young runners with their latest ad campaign featuring Olympians. Current Boston College players (even those who play soccer) have expressed their enthusiasm for the brand online.

There are also other benefits that come with this offer. Boston College will be able to use the TRACK @ New Balance under construction at Boston Landing, which “will feature a 200-meter hydraulically inclined track, accommodating over 5,000 spectators, and facilities for training, events and recovery. “. And for those worried that the rookies will hate the deal, New Balance will be working with BC athletes to create custom designs for the uniforms and shoes. The ability to tell a rookie “you can make your own shoes” could be another selling point for some of these young athletes and make Boston College even more appealing.

The brand image is also written. New Balance is a Boston-based company, run by Bostonian Jim Davis since 1972, which fits the Eagles’ motto “For Boston” perfectly. Being their only Power Five program, Boston College will be on the ground floor, with strong growth potential. While it’s doubtful they’ll get the huge boost Oregon has received from Nike, Boston College will get an edge it wouldn’t get with any other company, which treated them like one. dozens of teams from their portfolio. This could most likely lead to more revenue streams on the road and increased exposure in Bay State.

Although it’s understandable that some people are joking about this decision. There is more to it than shoes. If that move comes to fruition for the Eagles, the New Balance deal could be a game-changer and help Boston College athletics take their program to the next level.

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