Golden Goose flies during Golden Week with CDFG in Haitang Bay

CHINA. Following the month of September At the opening of its boutique in the Sanya international duty free shopping complex, managed by the China Duty Free Group, in Haitang Bay, the Italian sneakers of the clothing brand Golden Goose held a very successful promotion from October 6 to 10. .

To celebrate the opening, Golden Goose hosted a Golden Week “Sneakers Maker” event where consumers could experience authentic Venetian craftsmanship, share their inspiration with sneaker makers, enjoy special personalized service and jointly create exclusive products such as sneakers and bags. combinations.

Golden Goose store in CDFG-run Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex offers spectacular technicolor shine

During the festivities, Golden Goose invited outstanding artisans from across Asia to create unique pieces with consumers inside the store. Sales increased “tremendously” during the promotion while the Sneakers Maker event was enjoyed by a large number of attendees, CDFG said. Over the coming holiday seasons, Golden Goose will make further efforts to enrich the shopping experience for consumers, the retailer added.

China Duty Free Group (CDFG) had previously worked successfully with Golden Goose to create a pop-up store in the retail complex.

The opening in September represents the brand’s first “co-creation” concept store in Sanya. CDFG said this underscores Golden Goose’s recognition of the importance of the Haitang Bay location while symbolizing a new chapter in cooperation between the two companies.

The Golden Goose brand (see box below) was created in Venice, Italy, in 2000 by Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo. The brand focuses on hand-crafted distressed vintage fashion items, including sneakers and clothing.

In 2007, the couple decided to make sneakers in tribute to the world of skateboarding that they love. By simulating the traces left by skaters, sneakers have acquired their symbolic features. Every scratch on Golden Goose sneakers is handmade, and each pair of sneakers is unique, in order to interpret imperfection as perfection.

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Therefore, noted CDFG, in the eyes of many consumers, Golden Goose creates a pair of sneakers filled with experience and a sense of travel, rather than the “dirty shoes” that people perceive at first glance.

The Golden Goose store at CDF’s Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex is designed on the basis of an “All Venice” concept.

Design elements featuring Rubelli silk and a gondola are merged into a simple industrial style, which exudes Venetian charm from every corner. The boutique is decorated according to the latest fashion trends and consumer preferences, fully integrating fashion and individualized style.

Through products such as shoes, clothing, bags and accessories, the store conveys the know-how of Italian shoe making, CDFG said.

How a Golden Goose took flight

Golden Goose was born in 2000 from the fusion of the creative spirit of Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo, two young Venetian designers, until then foreign to the world of fashion.

From the start, the company has been distinguished by innovative but artisanal products, a discreet communication strategy and very selective placement in places that share the brand’s philosophy.

Golden Goose offers a complete lifestyle to its customers with a collection that includes ready-to-wear, accessories and shoes, combining a refined and modern style with a vintage spirit. The collection is supported by the strong Italian sartorial tradition.

The brand has flagship stores in Venice, New York, Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Beirut, Saint-Tropez and Amsterdam.

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