LeBron James: Cavs star explains new ‘Equality’ shoes

LeBron James released a new pair of shoes that said “tie” for the Cavaliers-Wizards game on Sunday, which Cleveland won 106-99 thanks in large part to James’ third consecutive triple-double.

He was wearing a white shoe and a black shoe. Both carried the word “equality”.

James previously wore black shoes with the word “tied” for the Cavaliers’ season opener against the Celtics.

He discussed his choice with reporters after the game.

“Well, being, obviously, we all know where we are, and we know who’s at the helm here,” James said, per The Washington postIt’s Tim Bontemps. “We as Americans, no matter what skin color, no matter what race, no matter who you are, I think we all have to understand that having equal rights and being able to stand up for something and speak for something. thing and keep the conversation going. “

James has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump, and he spoke at length about his social activism on Cavs media day.

“I will do it in my voice, I will do it in my passion, I will do it in my money, I will do it in my resources for my youth and my downtown and outside my downtown to let these kids know that there is hope, that there are greater walks in life, and not a single individual, no matter if it is the President of the United States … can stop your dreams from become reality, ”James said.

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