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Men’s sneakers under Rs 999 to pair with casual outfits | Most Wanted Products

By August 9, 2021Sneakers
While there is no end to the models and varieties of men’s sneakers on the market, having an accurate budget can easily help you narrow down your options. If you are looking for budget sneakers for men, brands like Bata, Sparx, Campus are some of the great options. When it comes to men’s sneaker models, one can choose between a lace-up or slip-on style and also a range of materials that can include leather, canvas, sports mesh and more. Sneakers are the most comfortable shoe option right after running and walking shoes, and if you wear a combination of jeans and t-shirts most of the time, keeping a pair or two of sneakers spinning is your thing. best bet to look great. Check out our recommendations for men’s sneakers priced at Rs 999:

These trendy white sneakers have a rubber sole and PU upper. The sneakers are designed with sporty stripes on the side. These sneakers will be a classic addition to your wardrobe and will work with all kinds of casual outfits.

The sneakers are also available in two other colors.


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These beige colored shoes will be a neutral addition to the wardrobe and will go with most of your casual outfits. These lace up sneakers have an ethylene vinyl acetate sole and high quality mesh as the upper material.

These sneakers are designed to last a long time and provide comfort to your feet.

Canvas sneakers are a perfect choice for everyday wear. These sneakers have a two-tone sole and metal accessories that hold the laces of the shoe.

Round toe sneakers will look stylish with a combination of skinny jeans and polo t-shirts.

These stylish and smart sneakers are for men who want to show off a color different from the norm. These gray sneakers have a leather upper and matching laces in gray.

Sneakers will look great with casual and semi-formal outfits.

For guys who want to skip the hassle of laces, this pair of slip-on shoes would be perfect for that. The shoes are made from PU leather on the outside and designed with mesh fabric on the inside.

The slip-on sneakers have paneled details on the outside and are perfect for a casual outfit.

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