Nike SuperRep cycling shoes review

Nike SuperRep cycling shoes come from a reputable sports brand. However, despite the company’s pedigree in running shoes, we found that its cycling shoes were not the best option for riding our. Peloton bike.

While these shoes are breathable and lightweight, the main downside is that they don’t come with crampons. Read the rest of our Nike SuperRep review to see what else we thought of, as well as more options for your next run.

Nike SuperRep shoe review: price and availability

Nike SuperRep shoes cost $ 120.00, which is a bit less than Peloton shoes cost – but these come with cleats, whereas with SuperReps you have to purchase cleats separately. SuperRep shoes are available in two colors: white and black and black, crimson and silver. These shoes are compatible with Delta and SPD crampons and unlike the similarly priced Venzo cycling shoes, they do not come with the crampons at the time of purchase.

A photo of the studs on the Nike SuperRep cycling shoes

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Nike SuperRep shoe review: what’s included

These shoes were shipped in Nike’s typical orange shoebox. The shoes do not come with cleats, but they do come with a pair of SPD cleat adapters. If I were a consumer buying these shoes without knowing anything about the studs when opening the box, I would have no idea that this is what is attached to one of the shoes as they are not labeled. Also, the shoes did not come with any sort of brochure explaining the two types of cleats, where to order them, and how to put them on when ordering them separately.

As mentioned, these shoes are compatible with Delta and SPD crampons. I also recommend buying a small screwdriver or Allen key if you don’t already have one. Once you have purchased and received your cleats, be sure to adjust your cleats properly before tightening the screws. You can always unscrew them if it is not comfortable for you.

A side photo of the Nike SuperRep cycling shoes

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Nike SuperRep shoe review: Comfort

I tested the Nike SuperRep cycling shoes with Delta cleats for over a month and liked how lightweight they are. I am an avid user of Nike running shoes and wear a size 9 for women; For the cycling shoes, I took the same size and they fit perfectly. Although they were narrower than I expected, I had plenty of room at the end of the shoes to wiggle my toes during my outings.

Close-up of Nike SuperRep cycling shoes

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These shoes come with an adjustable hook-and-loop strap system to tighten the shoes. To help me get my feet into the shoes, there’s a nice heel pull tab – a feature not often found on cycling shoes, but wonderfully practical. While riding, I didn’t feel like I was wearing cycling shoes at all – the SuperRep cycling shoes were light and comfortable.

Fit-wise, these shoes remind me of Nike soccer cleats as they are narrow and snug. That said, despite the tight feeling, they weren’t rubbing and my toes still had room to move around in the shoe.

I found the hook and loop to sit in a perfect spot on top of my foot and secure my socks to prevent them from slipping or settling halfway. Plus, the shoes ended below my ankles, allowing them to move freely while pedaling back and forth.

A photo of the Nike SuperRep cycling shoes on a Peloton bike

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The best thing about these cycling shoes is their breathability – most of the upper part of the shoe is mesh. For this reason, my feet did not sweat as much as when testing other shoes.

Unlike other shoe brands, I found the soles of the SuperRep cycling shoes to be comfortable under my toes, yet very durable – the stud screws remained tight for the entire month I tested them and did not require special attention.

Nike SuperRep shoe review: verdict

As a Nike fan I didn’t know what to expect from their cycling shoes but was pleasantly surprised with the SuperRep. For me the most notable features were the breathable upper and the slip-on heel tabs, which make it easier to put on the shoes. That said, unfortunately, these shoes don’t rank higher on my list of the best cycling shoes because they don’t come with crampons, making them a more expensive buy for new riders.

Of the best indoor cycling shoes I’ve tested, the pair I’ve found the most comfortable for me is the Shimano RC1 which sells for $ 90.00. When I ride the Shimano RC1 I feel like I’m wearing tailored shoes – they fit like a glove. They were light, very breathable when I was doing long classes and they were easy to put on and take off thanks to the three velcro straps.

While Nike undoubtedly makes great shoes for many other sports, there is still a long way to go when it comes to cycling shoes.

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