Shocking! Balenciaga being Balenciaga sells destroyed sneakers for $1,850 a pair.

Sneakerheads could do anything to get the best pairs in town. However, Balenciaga is taking sneaker fever a bit too far. The brand recently listed an over-the-top version of the distressed shoe for a ridiculous price of $1850. Yes, it’s true!

Sold as part of the brand’s new campaign, the shoes are simply meant to suggest that the new Paris sneakers “are meant to be worn for a lifetime”. However, why they are on actual sale is still unknown.

There are nearly 100 “dirty and destroyed” pairs up for grabs in black and white hues. And while they’re not so tattered that they can’t be worn, we’d be surprised to see anyone pay the asking price.

Appalled by the sneakers, GQ France editor Pam Boy said: “The message is clear: buy and keep forever. “Demna will get people who can afford luxury items to buy ‘pre-worn’ looking trainers for €1,450. It completely upsets the essence of luxury.

He added: “It’s the opposite of a sybaritic mindset, and again it mocks people who will indeed spend minimum wage on items they might deem disposable and 2. that seem without value. Is a luxury house the right medium for this message? I do not know. But I hate loving him.

Would you spend $1850 on these worn-out Balenciaga wonders?

[Via: Paper Magazine]

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