These Rainbow Balenciaga Runner Sneakers May Be Worth Their $ 1,000 Price

Balenciaga has dominated the luxury sneaker market since the release of its sock-shaped Speed ​​shoe and chunky Triple S model. Yet the brand’s older sneakers, adopted mostly by celebrities and hypebeasts, pale in comparison to her new Runner, which recently debuted with metallic rainbow detailing. The silhouette could be Balenciaga’s next winning design.

First presented as part of the luxury house’s winter 2021 collection, the Runner fits into Balenciaga’s “clunky trendy” models, arriving big and well aged a bit like a real running shoe. And like most Balenciaga models, the Runner is not without the hype: the shoe was introduced with a limited first edition and a campaign starring Justin Beiber.

The latest iteration of Balenciaga, however, is starting to move away from customers seeking brand influence, instead of going to more laid-back independent shoppers – who, of course, can still afford the price of 1. $ 150 from the sneaker.

Chunky, funky and chunky? – Following athleisure and daddy trends, the Runner sneaker mimics the look of Asics running shoes, contrasting its gray mesh upper with linear chrome panels. The respective European size of the shoe is stamped on its purple toe, while the multi-piece sole mixes from blue to yellow to green. Rainbow stripes decorate the collar like a blue heel buckle, orange embroidery on the tongue and black “Runner” and Balenciaga markings complete the sneaker’s playful look.


Relaxed details, like graffiti writing and a paracord pull tab, make it easy to forget that the Runner costs over $ 1,000. And with an intentionally worn look – underscored by scuffs, stains, and dirty laces – the sneaker implies it’s been through multiple marathons before. His distressed appearance oscillates between “too cool to care” and “rich tryhard” as the Runner’s price is anything but jaded.

Yet anything that flaunts Balenciaga’s branding is inevitably expensive; you already clicked this article knowing the Runner wouldn’t be cheap. Whether or not the sneaker is worth its price is subjective – you can buy a Similar pair of Asics and get them dirty for less than $ 200, but the shoes wouldn’t have the Balenciaga logo or, more importantly, the rainbow chrome details.

If you can afford to buy the Runners, we won’t blame you for buying them – instead, we’ll only look with envy. You can deposit your $ 1,150 for the sneakers at The Balenciaga site.

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