Yeezy Knit Runner: Behold, Kanye’s Weirdest Sneakers Are Still

Kanye West is already behind one of the funkiest shoe releases of 2021. His Yeezy 450 combines a knit upper with a toothed foam midsole. But because of his last lap, Kanye gets even softer. The new YZY KNIT RNR (Yeezy Knit Runner) is essentially a fully knitted foot sweater. It might be Kanye’s strangest shoe, but it’s entirely his recent interest. The first colorway, a mustard tongue combination called “sulfur”, will be discontinued on September 23.

When the shoe image was first leaked, social media users accused Kanye of stealing a Mickey Mouse kick. And, surely, RNR knit really looks like luxury shoe boots. But more than visible is happening here. Imagine a shoe sliced ​​with a foam cutout. The knit RNR is basically the same as Kanye’s beloved foam runner. However, of course, this shoe replaces the foam with a knitted material.

This shoe suggests that Kanye is increasingly indifferent to designing what we perceive to be traditional sneakers. In the middle of Project Yeezy, Kanye turned to a more classic sneaker silhouette from early experiences. The three iterations of 700, QNTM and 500 are pretty much boring compared to the new knitted RNA. However, Kanye seems to have worked on shoes like the RNR Knit since Yeezy’s very early days. What is Knit RNR if the Yeezy 350 isn’t stretched to the most shapeless shape? Take off the laces, inflate the upper, and the sole is just a thin line. String of characters It seems like an excess that can be done without it. Recent shoes such as Slide, 450 and Foam Runner are leading the way for the future without rabbit ears lessons.

More generally, the shapeless seems to be a definitive new aesthetic of Kanye’s overall design vision. Do you know what else is shabby and lacking in closure? Flagship product of the Yeezy x Gap collaboration, this jacket has all the structure of the cloud. Thus, the Knit RNR is located in the current wheelhouse of Kanye.

Note that the amorphous jacket was Gap’s bestseller. Even Kanye’s less traditional shoes like Foam Runner and Slides have become surprisingly popular items in the resale market. When the 350 first launched, it was strange in the sneaker world. And now he has the top 10 in sales. Knit RNR now looks (very) interesting, but Kanye has a habit of changing his mast to his liking.

Yeezy Knit Runner: Behold, Kanye’s Weirdest Sneakers Are Still

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