Japanese Noodle Chain Ramen Sneakers Serve Tasty Ingredients In The Details

Wear your love of ramen at your feet!

Unlike most ramen chains, which serve their noodles in a base of salt, miso, or tonkotsu (pork bone broth), Tenkaippin is famous for his signature kotteri broth (heavy and thick) which contains the rich flavor of chicken.

So, to celebrate 50 years since the chain started as a food stand on the grounds of Kyoto’s Ginkakuji in 1971, Tenkaippin is teaming up for a commemorative outing with another company famous for its own special chicken.

This company is the Coq Sportif, the French sports manufacturer with a rooster as a logo.

So… what’s in the special Tenkaippin x le coq sportif box? Well it’s a pair of limited edition sneakers inspired by Tenkaippin ‘ramen ingredients and bowls’.

This collaboration coincides with the 30th anniversary of the iconic series of LCS R sneakers from le coq sportif, and it is the model chosen for this latest creation, dubbed the LCS R800 Z1 TI.

The design pays homage to Tenkaippin with a number of impressive details, starting with the chain logo, which can be seen prominently on the outer side of each shoe.

▼ The le coq sportif logo appears on the other side of the shoe…

▼… and also on the heel tab, where the rooster is stripped of its flesh to remind us of the chicken bones used in Tenkaippin’s ramen broth.

The broth is also pictured in the brown and beige hues used throughout.

On the tongue we have the special Tenkaippin 50th anniversary logo, while the eyelet, lace guard and shoe laces look like ramen ingredients – Brown broth, green leeks and yellow noodles, respectively.

▼ The shoes come with brown, green and yellow laces, so you can choose which ingredients to highlight according to your mood.

Comparing sneakers and ramen side by side shows how fantastic they did a job capture Tenkaippin’s ramen in shoe form.

▼ The red and white of the bowls is also reflected on the sole of each shoe.

The shoe features an insole printed with the Tenkaippin and le coq sportif logos, as well as the dragon visible inside the Tenkaippin ramen bowls.

Available in sizes from 23 to 28 centimeters, these limited edition sneakers are expected to sell out when they are available at sneaker stores like atmos, Boston Club, Kicks Lab., Mita sneakers, Uptown and online at Descente and Tenkaippin from November 10.

These sneakers are a great way to bring your love of ramen to your feet, and they’re a lot more affordable than some of the other limited-edition shoes we’ve seen recently, like those from Asics, which pay homage to Mount Fuji and the ukiyo-e tradition.

Source, images: PR Times
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