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August 2021

Springfield churches distribute new sneakers to 600 children

By Sneakers

Hundreds of families lined up along Carew Street at the Boys & Girls Club on Saturday to receive a free pair of sneakers, a satchel and what sponsors call a “Hope Tote” just in time for the new school year.

Vox Church and the Restoration Worship Center have partnered with Samaritan’s Feet International to distribute approximately 600 pairs of athletic shoes and school supplies to preschool through high school children.

In addition to the sneakers and the backpack, the Hope Tote of hygiene products completed the back-to-school gift.

Vox Church pastor Matt DeCiccio said the two churches have pooled their resources to work with Samaritan’s Feet International to make Sneaker Day possible.

“It is an effort to bless these children as they return to school,” he said. “No child will be left behind if they arrive before 2:00 pm. We will pool all of our resources to ensure that every child who shows up will receive or promise a pair of shoes.”

Restoration worship center pastor Eli Serrano said he grew up in poverty in Holyoke and heard about the sneaker program for him.

“Sneakers have always been a big thing for kids and still are,” he said. “Anyone who grew up in poverty knows that when you have a new pair of sneakers it is a game changer. It is confidence, it is comfort, and in many ways it is the ultimate expression of the gospel. It’s about giving, not getting. So we wanted to join forces with our friends to give back to the city. “

As each child received their shoes, volunteers ritually washed their feet and said a prayer for each.

Ruth Silva is a first grade teacher in the department at Holyoke School. She volunteered at Saturday’s event to outfit the kids with their new sneakers.

“Jesus said to pray and bless the children,” she said. “I can do this like my job, but I also have to do it here too. I can bless their feet and say a prayer that they have a blessed year and that God protect them and give them wisdom and confidence.

Clarissa Rivera brought her 5-year-old son and nephew after seeing an ad about the giveaway on Facebook.

“I said to myself: ‘why not? “Ask the children to find out more about God, the church and have a new pair of sneakers,” she said.

Phil Campbell is the group’s regional manager and has transported the 600 pairs of shoes to Springfield in time for Saturday’s distribution. He explained that Samaritan’s Feet is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, but was created by Nigerian businessman Manny Ohonme. He said Ohonme received his first pair of shoes from an American missionary in Lagos, Nigeria, when he was 9 years old. Ohonme then emigrated to the United States and became a philanthropist, social entrepreneur, businessman, author and speaker. In 2005, he returned to Lagos to attend his father’s funeral and had an epiphany.

“These shoes changed her life,” Campbell said of Ohonme. “When he returned to Lagos and went to the same park where he received his first shoes and saw all the children there barefoot, he realized that God wanted him to fix it, just like this man who l ‘had blessed years earlier. “

Since its founding, the nonprofit has distributed more than 8.3 million pairs of shoes in more than 108 countries and 450 US cities.

None of the children at Saturday’s event were barefoot, but Campbell said poverty in the United States is different from that in Nigeria.

“We are giving out new sneakers, maybe not to kids who haven’t had shoes before, but we’ve already made three pairs today for kids who haven’t had a new pair of shoes before. . They always had gifts. We have already had several children who came here with shoes at least two sizes too small. So today we are fitting them correctly with a brand new pair.

Springfield Mayor Domenic J. Sarno welcomed families inside the Boys & Girls Club and thanked churches for their attention to the city, saying both have provided much needed help.

“They are making constant efforts to help the community,” he said. “It’s a massive crowd here today, and these groups are here to help our families and our students, and just as important, with a little prayer. A little prayer never hurt anyone. It just shows the humanity of the city that these people are making sure that our children are ready to go back to school. It is all part of the magnificent mosaic of the city of Springfield.

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Mercury star Diana Taurasi’s LeBron 18 ‘GOAT Vision’ shoes drops on Friday

By Shoes

Diana Taurasi is already considered the best female basketball player to put on shoes. If you still don’t believe him, you can take some notes for review by checking out the details of his next personal edition of Nikes which will be released on Friday.

The Phoenix Mercury star will release another LeBron 18 exclusive dubbed “GOAT Vision”. It’s GOAT, the acronym for the greatest of all time.

The light green tones themselves are stunning, but the tongue is where the details come into play.

Newspaper cutters mark many of Taurasi’s career accomplishments, and the only inserts include Taurasi’s basketball goat icon.

The shoes are expected to sell for $ 200 this Friday and are Nike’s second recent release of the LeBron 18 Personal Editions for the Mercury Guard.

In July, Taurasi published a “La Cabra” edition of the Kicks, which also recounted his accomplishments on hardwood, but with a nod to his Italian and Argentinian roots. “La cabra” means “the goat” in Spanish.

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A history of the Nike Air Presto, the running sneakers that reigned in the 2000s

By Sneakers

We tend to limit our sneaker vocabulary to the Air Jordan or the Air Force 1, but the Nike Air Presto is just as worth mentioning.

Sneakers are one of the many styles born in the 90s, when Nike was at the forefront of sneaker innovation. Over the past couple of years, the sportswear giant has made a habit of reviving some of those archival sneakers, like the Air Huarache and Air Max 90. Now it’s clear the Swoosh is giving away the same treatment with Air Prestos.

This is great news for anyone old enough to remember the sneakers, which are celebrated for their superior level of comfort and fit. And this is an opportunity for new Nike fans to diversify their collection, especially since the brand has many special Air Presto versions in the works.

If you’re curious about what exactly puts the ‘Presto’ in these iconic sneakers, read on for a history lesson.

“T-shirt for your feet”

A first sketch of the Air Presto sneakers.  (Photo credit: Nike)
A first sketch of the Air Presto sneakers (Photo credit: Nike)

At the turn of the century, Nike designer Tobie Hatfield (yes, he’s Tinker Hatfield’s brother) was looking to create the perfect shoes for runners. He created the first Nike Air Presto prototype in 1996.

Its most distinctive feature was the V-notch, a sculpted area at the ankle. It was intended to improve the heel fit, but a test found that it also allowed the sneakers to stretch and be filled by the feet of its wearers, without compromising on comfort.

Over the next several years, Hatfield would continue to refine runners. He gave them space-mesh sock-like uppers, a fabric that was not yet widely used in the design of sneakers. But it offered a lot of stretch and breathability, the latter being something the neoprene, used in the Air Huarache, lacked.

The sneakers would also sport other unconventional features: a raised bumper; a midfoot cage inspired by Apple iMac G3 computer cases; and a clothing-inspired sizing system ranging from XXXS to XXXL, giving the shoes the slogan “T-shirt for the foot”.

OG colors

The Air Presto 2000 campaign (Photo credit: Nike)

In 2000, Nike launched the Air Presto after choosing from over 300 possible names submitted by the design team, “one of which was Presto Magic,” Hatfield said. “When you put the shoe on, it fits so perfectly it’s almost like a magician saying, ‘Presto’. “

Nike used the same approach to come up with the names of the 13 colorways they unveiled that year: Brutal Honey, Trouble at Home, Unholy Cumulus, Shady Milkman, Rabid Panda, Orange Monk, Jack Mackerel, Migraine Fly, Presto Bill. , Catfight Shiner, Rogue Kielbasas, Abdominal Snowman. Some of them, like Abdominal Snowman and Trouble at Home, were the first sneakers in the world to feature digitally printed graphics.

The Air Presto was marketed just as unconventionally as it was manufactured. Instead of showing off the athletic performance of the shoes, Nike launched a series of ads featuring original animated characters that reflected every style of sneaker.

Nike meets… Hello Kitty?

Nike x Hello Kitty Air Presto (Photo credit: GOAT)

As many Instagram pop culture pages are now discovering, the 2000s were full of weird and wacky crossovers. The Air Presto is no exception. In 2004, Nike teamed up with Sanrio to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 30th anniversary. The result was the Hello Kitty x Air Presto sneakers, designed by Steven Smith and Hiroshi Fujiwara of Fragment. The shoes were shamelessly covered in a print of the iconic Japanese cartoon.

In 2008, the Air Presto were also used to market the Sex and the city: the movie, a spin-off of the hit TV series that was more closely related to another shoe brand: Manolo Blahnik. The sneakers featured a black neoprene upper, a glittering Silver Swoosh on the midsole, and a hot pink Sex and the City logo on the heel.

The streetwear connection

Nike x Off-White Air Presto "Polar opposites"
Nike x Off-White Air Presto “Polar Opposites” (Photo credit: Nike)

Hiroshi Fujiwara wouldn’t be the only streetwear icon to leave his mark on the Air Presto. In the 2010s, the sneakers will be remixed by the designers of the cult German techwear label Acronym, as well as Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons.

The version of Air Prestos that most sneakerheads would know, however, is the one designed by Virgil Abloh for his coveted collaboration with Nike. Released in 2018 as part of its “The Ten” pack, the Nike x Off-White Air Presto “Polar Opposites” is available in black and white colourways, with Abloh’s signature zipper and branded details. AIR”. Naturally, both styles sold out instantly.

The renewal of Air Presto

Nike Air Presto "Origins" (Photo credit: Nike)
Nike Air Presto “Origins” (Photo credit: Nike)

Two decades after their debut, Nike has opened a new chapter for its magical sneakers. In 2020, he gifted fans the futuristic Air Presto Ultra Flyknit sneakers, the lightest version of kicks to date. He reissued the “Australia” edition, which was originally designed for Australian athletes at the 2000 Summer Olympics. And he ended the year with the “Origins” edition, featuring all of the playful characters from iconic Nike Air Presto ads.

There are even more in store this year. In addition to unveiling more streamlined and contemporary styles, or hinting at a reissue of the Hello Kitty collaboration, Nike is also celebrating the 21st anniversary of its Air Prestos with a “What The?” editing.

Nike Air Presto "What ?" sneakers
Nike Air Presto “What is? (Photo credit: Nike)

The new sneakers feature a bold mix of all the OG colourways, spread across both shoes: the left shoe is darker, with a flash graphic to the front, while the right features color blocking with vibrant panels in red, yellow and blue.

The Nike Air Presto “What The?” edition (S $ 209) will launch this Friday, August 27. In Singapore, you can get it through the Nike SNKRs or enter a raffle at End Clothing. If you are looking to start your Air Presto collection, this is the perfect pair to do so.

Header photo credit: Nike

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Fall Sports Sneak Peek: Schulte, Warriors Volleyball Has Huge Shoes To Fill | Local sports

By Shoes

Winfield, Mo. – Under coach Brian Hawkins, the Winfield volleyball team has won 18 games, the District 6 Class 3 Championship and reached the State Tournament.

Hawkins has since moved on and Maggie Schulte has taken over a program with a history of success.

“I have big shoes to fill,” said Schulte, who was a college coach before he was promoted to varsity coach. “It’s definitely a tough act to follow.”

Schulte will also have to replace a pair of top executives on that team in Chloe Kaimann and Taylor Gentemann. While Schulte has said leadership is irreplaceable, she said returning players can fill that void.

“These girls were great, and these are big shoes to fill,” said Schulte. “However, we have returning daughters who have a lot of courage and are ready to show the community what they have to offer as well.”

Schulte also said leadership can be found in the upper classes who were part of this district title-winning team.

“We have older people who can guide us,” she said. “I hope they can pick up where they left off.”

Even though the Warriors will have targets on their backs, Schulte said his unit is up to the challenge – and has the potential to be even better than last year.

“This team did very well last year,” she said. “We still have players who can meet and exceed those expectations.

“I don’t doubt it at all.”

Winfield opens the season at Bowling Green on August 27 before home games against Warrenton and St. Charles.

On September 7, the Warriors travel to take on their county rival, Troy Buchanan.

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Conor McGregor looks dapper in a crisp white shirt and Gucci shoes as he steps out in West Hollywood

By Shoes

he is recovering California After a broken leg in a boxing match Dustin Poirier In July.

When Conor McGregor, 33 years old, he takes advantage of his vacation to go out for the night Los Angeles Saturday.

The UFC fighter wore a crisp white shirt and black pants and looked cool when he walked in on his crutches to trendy West Hollywood restaurant Delilah.

In town: Conor McGregor, 33, had a cool face in a crisp white shirt and black pants when he spent the night in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Illuminated by the bright red brake lights of the Escalade with driver, the athlete’s ink was visible on his chest with the shirt collar unbuttoned.

The Irish wore perfectly polished black Gucci shoes as they walked towards the car.

The boxer spent the night in the VIP area of ​​the place before being taken to the luxurious house he was staying in, in a starred neighborhood of Beverly Hills.

Home time: UFC fighters were found at trendy West Hollywood restaurant and Delilah restaurant after spending the night in the VIP area

Home time: UFC fighters were found at trendy West Hollywood restaurant and Delilah restaurant after spending the night in the VIP area

Connor broke his shin during the fight with Dustin in the main event of UFC 264 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The fight was a long-awaited rubber match, or trilogy match, and Connor won the first TKO fight in the first round of September 2014.

Dustin won the January second round in the second round of UFC 257 in January during the Battle of the Trilogy last month.

Shining Star: Lit by the Escalade's bright brake lights with a driver, I saw him dressed in a crisp white shirt and black pants, reeling on his crutches.

Shining Star: Lit by the Escalade’s bright brake lights with a driver, I saw him dressed in a crisp white shirt and black pants, reeling on his crutches.

Looks good: The Irish wore completely polished black Gucci shoes as they walked towards the car

Looks good: The Irish wore completely polished black Gucci shoes as they walked towards the car

The boxer spent the night in the VIP area of ​​the place before being taken to the luxurious house he was staying in, in a starred neighborhood of Beverly Hills.

The boxer spent the night in the VIP area of ​​the place before being taken to the luxurious house he was staying in, in a starred neighborhood of Beverly Hills.

He won the TKO after the doctor stopped the game after the first round after it was revealed that Connor had a broken shin.

It is not known when he will be able to fight again, and it is believed that the road to his recovery is long.

However, he took to Instagram earlier this month to give fans a taste of his rather unusual training method.

Ring Accident: Connor broke his shin in a fight with Dustin in the main event of UFC 264 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and needed crutches.

Ring Accident: Connor broke his shin in a fight with Dustin in the main event of UFC 264 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and needed crutches.

All-Star Battle: The Battle is a highly anticipated rubber match, or trilogy match, and Connor won the first TKO battle in the first round of September 2014.

All-Star Battle: The Battle is a highly anticipated rubber match, or trilogy match, and Connor won the first TKO battle in the first round of September 2014.

Recovery: It is not known when he will be able to fight again, and it is believed that his road to recovery is long.

Recovery: It is not known when he will be able to fight again, and it is believed that his road to recovery is long.

At Snap, the UFC giant wore a black polo shirt and tight-fitting khaki shorts, allowing him to tie a load-bearing chain between his groin.

In the accompanying video, Fightstar dropped his crutches and walked towards his chin before lifting himself up and down.

He did a painful pull-up while Bruno Mars’ Versace on the Floor blew up the speaker.

Pain! ”Conor McGregor hung a weight chain around the GROUND in an Instagram post earlier this month… after a broken leg, exercising on crutches and a full cast.

Pain! ”Conor McGregor hung a weight chain around the GROUND in an Instagram post earlier this month… after a broken leg, exercising on crutches and a full cast.

Training: He wore a black cast on his left foot, a white Gucci zipper on his right foot, and a gold watch on his wrist.

Training: He wore a black cast on his left foot, a white Gucci zipper on his right foot, and a gold watch on his wrist.

Connor wore a black cast on his left foot, a white Gucci zipper on his right foot, and a gold watch on his wrist.

‘Improvisation. Adaptation. Overcome. “@mcgregorfast @tidlsport,” he captioned, linking his athletic recovery line and training app.

After breaking his leg, undergoing surgery and letting his fans know, Connor took to social media and wrote:

Dream Team !  Connor's unlikely friend Justin Bieber recently tasted a whiskey

Dream Team ! Connor’s unlikely friend Justin Bieber recently enjoyed a whiskey “champ’s breakfast” at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Justin posted on Instagram of their meeting.

“After spending six weeks on crutches, I started to recover.

“A clean break in the tibia and it wasn’t. Dustin, you can celebrate whatever you want for this illegitimate victory, but you don’t do anything there.

“This second round would have shown everything,” he added.

Painful: Connor broke his shin in the dying seconds of the first round against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in Las Vegas (pictured in fight)

Painful: Connor broke his shin in the dying seconds of the first round against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in Las Vegas (pictured in fight)

Conor McGregor looks dapper in a crisp white shirt and Gucci shoes as he steps out in West Hollywood Source link Conor McGregor looks dapper in a crisp white shirt and Gucci shoes as he steps out in West Hollywood

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Smart Footwear Market Size and Growth 2021-2028 | Key players – Adidas, Nike, Puma, Mi, Salted Venture, Digitsole, TRAQshoe, Under Armor Inc.

By Shoes

New Jersey, United States, – The Smart Footwear Market Size and forecast to 2028, this report provides an analysis of the impact of the COVID19 epidemic on the key points influencing the growth of the market. In addition, the smart footwear market segments (by major players, types, applications and major regions) outlook, business valuation, competitive scenario, trends and forecasts for the coming years. The study of the Smart Shoes report is carried out on the basis of a substantial research methodology, which enables analytical inspection of the global market by means of different segments in which the industry is also alienated in summary, an increase in the size of the market due to the different possibilities of prospects. The report also gives a 360-degree view of the competitive landscape industries. SWOT analysis has been used to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of businesses. This will help businesses understand the threats and challenges they face. The connected shoes market is showing steady growth and the CAGR is expected to improve during the forecast period.

The smart footwear market was estimated to be around $ 150.91 billion in 2020. It is expected to reach $ 297.53 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 8.86% from 2021 to 2028.

Get | Download a sample copy with table of contents, graphics and list of figures @

The report covers an in-depth analysis of the major market players in the market, along with their business overview, expansion plans, and strategies. The major players studied in the report include:

Adidas, Nike, Puma, Mi, Salted Venture, Digitsole, TRAQshoe, Under Armor Inc., Vivobarefoot Limited, Zhor-Tech.

Smart footwear market segmentation

Smart Footwear Market, By Product Type

• Walking shoes
• Running shoes
• Sport shoes

Smart Footwear Market, By Distribution

• Supermarkets
• Specialized markets
• E-commerce sites

This report provides in-depth analysis on Smart Footwear, current trends as well as comprehensive analysis based on type, application, and players. The report includes detailed analysis of competitors, SWOT analysis, industry structure and production process view. The report explains that the connected shoes market is fueled by several factors. This study underlines how important it is to carry out in-depth analyzes and how much this has a strong impact on the quality of the information made available to readers. Further, the report examines the impact on the Connected Shoes market of the COVID-19 pandemic and provides a clear assessment of the market trends for the forecast period.

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Scope of the Smart Footwear Market Report

Report attribute Details
Market size available for years 2021 – 2028
Reference year considered 2021
Historical data 2015 – 2020
Forecast period 2021 – 2028
Quantitative units Revenue in millions of USD and CAGR from 2021 to 2028
Covered segments Types, applications, end users, etc.
Cover of the report Revenue forecast, company ranking, competitive landscape, growth factors and trends
Regional scope North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa
Scope of customization Free customization of the report (equivalent to 8 working days for analysts) with purchase. Add or change the scope of country, region and segment.
Price and purchase options Take advantage of personalized shopping options to meet your exact research needs. Explore purchasing options

Geographic segment covered in the report:

• North America (United States and Canada)
• Europe (UK, Germany, France and rest of Europe)
• Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region)
• Latin America (Brazil, Mexico and the rest of Latin America)
• Middle East and Africa (GCC and rest of Middle East and Africa)

Key questions answered in the report:

  • What is the growth potential of the connected shoes market?
  • Which product segment will take the lion’s share?
  • Which regional market will emerge as a pioneer in the years to come?
  • Which application segment will experience strong growth?
  • What growth opportunities could arise in the connected footwear industry in the years to come?
  • What are the most significant challenges facing the Smart Shoes market in the future?
  • Who are the leading companies in the Smart Shoes market?
  • What are the main trends that are positively impacting the growth of the market?
  • What growth strategies are the players considering to stay in the connected shoes market?

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Verified Market Intelligence is our BI platform for narrative storytelling for this market. VMI offers in-depth forecasting trends and accurate insights into over 20,000 emerging and niche markets, helping you make critical revenue-impacting decisions for a bright future.

VMI provides a holistic overview and global competitive landscape with regard to region, country and segment as well as the major players in your market. Present your market report and findings with a built-in presentation function, saving over 70% of your time and resources for investor arguments, sales and marketing, R&D and product development. VMI enables data delivery in interactive Excel and PDF formats with over 15+ key market indicators for your market.

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Verified Market Research® is a leading global research and consulting company providing advanced analytical research solutions, personalized advice and in-depth data analysis for over 10 years to individuals and businesses seeking precise research, reliable and up to date. technical data and advice. We provide insight into strategic and growth analysis, the data needed to achieve business goals and help make critical revenue decisions.

Our research studies help our clients make superior data-driven decisions, understand market forecasts, capitalize on future opportunities, and optimize efficiency by working as a partner to deliver accurate and valuable information. The industries we cover cover a broad spectrum including technology, chemicals, manufacturing, energy, food and beverage, automotive, robotics, packaging, construction, mining and gas. Etc.

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Luxury sneakers are the new heels

By Sneakers
Remember when you read how shoes are like a second skin? Well, if this is anything that combines comfort and style, you certainly don’t want to take it off! One of the top shoe trends for 2021 is luxury sneakers. Kylie Jenner loves them, just like JLo and Gigi Hadid. The advantage? They’re so dressy you can wear them with everything from cycling tracks and shorts to jumpsuits, midi dresses, skirts and to an outdoor party. Here’s why you might want to slip into an ultra chic pair …

Go matchy-matchy with that

For your next vacation, opt for sneakers in pastel shades. They go well with linen capris and shorts or your floral dresses. Speed ​​things up by matching your look with your looks, your watch, your outfit and maybe your bag, all in the same color.

Chic at work


Who says dressing in the workplace has to be boring? Put away the usual office shoes and opt for slip-on sneakers for dressing up on Saturdays. It’s functional, on the go, and you can take them from the office to your brisk walk. Pick a white pair to go with your details.

Fitness form


Not for die-hard sportsmen, of course, but for a stroll or a day in the city, replace the usual bulky athletic shoes with slimmer, more stylish black sneakers. They are versatile and go with everything.



Who doesn’t like a little shine! It definitely elevates any look. Wear metallic sneakers that give an edgy and grungy look. They go with literally anything from baggy tees and jeans to flirty short dresses and skinny pants.

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Dua Lipa wears colorful crochet cardigan and chunky black sneakers – Footwear News

By Sneakers

All products and services presented are independently selected by the editors. However, FN may receive a commission on orders placed through its retail links, and the retailer may receive certain verifiable data for accounting purposes.

Dua Lipa takes her back to the 2000s with her latest look.

The “Levitating” singer was spotted in a vibrant crochet cardigan as she took a walk with model Bella Hadid in London on Friday night. Lipa paired the cardigan with oversized black pants and a trucker cap from Mowalola. She accessorized the look with delicate yet eye-catching gold jewelry.

Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa take a walk in London.


Dua Lipa

Let’s take a closer look at Dua Lipa’s chunky black sneakers.


For the shoes, Lipa wore a pair of chunky black sneakers with contrast stitching.

Lipa is known to be, well, a ‘nostalgic future’. She tends to be adorned with styles that are reminiscent of simpler times in fashion as well as those that offer a modern touch, including daring dresses, oversized loungewear, intricate costumes and eye-catching graphic dividers. When it comes to shoes, she often wears heeled sandals, pumps and boots from brands such as The Attico and Vivienne Westwood. And when she’s not wearing heels, she usually wears sleek or chunky sneakers from brands like Puma and Adidas.

Having modeled for luxury fashion houses like Versace and Yves Saint Laurent, she proves that she can pose with the best of them. She has also participated in advertising campaigns for sportswear brands like Adidas and Puma, hence her fascination with wearing sports sneakers from both brands.

Follow Dua Lipa’s lead and slip on chunky sneakers to add an athletic touch to your outfits.

Steve Madden Maxima-R Trainers

CREDIT: Steve Madden

Buy: Steve Madden Maxima-R sneakers, $ 100.

Swear Element sneakers

CREDIT: Farfetch

Buy: Swear Element sneakers, $ 190.

Lugz Vulcan sneakers


Buy: Lugz Vulcan sneakers, $ 65.

Click through the gallery to see some of Dua Lipa’s most daring street style moments.

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Coach puts on ‘competition shoes’ for Bay County tennis championship

By Shoes

BAY CITY, MI – Mike Collins has all kinds of great advice.

And Essexville tennis coach Garber was anxious to see if he could heed his own words.

Collins went from coach to competitor, joining the scrum for the sixth annual Bay County Tennis Championship and the Alex Burke Memorial during the weekend’s action at Jopke Courts.

“It’s nice to put on the competition shoes for once,” said Collins. “Instead of feeding bullets all the time, it was good to hit a few.”

The tournament produced more than 100 singles and doubles matches on Saturday and Sunday at the new Bay City tennis complex on Park Avenue. Tournament organizer Joe Ricard said players came from as far away as Seattle and Phoenix to participate in the tournament.

“The number of participants was greater and the quality of the competition was by far the best we have ever had,” said Ricard. “Obviously everyone loves tennis, so there was no problem, no complaints. It was two fun tennis days.

It was a memorable final day of the offseason for Collins, who was back on the pitch early Monday morning for the first day of fall sports training. His players, perhaps, saw him in a new light after knowing he was now a Bay County champion.

Collins teamed up with former Garber player Logan Brown to win the men’s doubles championship, but with a little help from current Garber player Kaleb Whisman.

Collins also competed in the mixed doubles division with Sunni Hartwell and had four games to his name in the men’s doubles final. He gave way to Whisman, who helped win the title.

“I delayed the whole tournament so I retired from the men’s doubles,” said Collins. “I might have a little more than I can chew on. I wasn’t physically exhausted, but I had put my whole heart into it by then, you could say. “

Collins chose a good partner. Brown, two-time MLive Bay City Player of the Year, is heading to Lake Superior State University to join the men’s tennis program this fall.

“It’s nice to play with some of the former players and to have the chance to see how they have grown in the game,” said Collins.

Whisman made it a day of two titles, teaming up with Garber teammate Zach Goetz to win the boys’ doubles crown. They beat Bay City Central twins Tong Da Wu and Tong Xing Wu in the final.

Collins wasn’t the only coach-turned-player enjoying a banner weekend in the Bay County Championship. Bay City Central women’s tennis coach Jane Klawon also won a title by winning the women’s singles division. She also teamed up with Kim Biskup for second place in the women’s doubles, losing to Katy Young of Saginaw and Jennifer Nowosatka in the final.

Charlie Gruber and Cory Golden of Bay City won the mixed doubles title and won the championship against Logan Beyer and Madison Beyer of Bay City while those of Imlay City

Imlay City’s Drew Wetzel and Aubrey Sommer edged Bay City’s Laure Wright and Sara Kavanaugh for the girls’ doubles title on Sunday.

Mike Rabideau of Midland defeated Dan Boyll of Mount Pleasant for the men’s singles title on Saturday. Dalton DeBoer of Midland defeated Addy Zanotti of Bay City for the girls ‘singles crown while Jack Dwan of Bay City won the boys’ singles final against Spencer Tepatti of Chesaning.

The tournament was played in a pool format, giving most players a chance to participate in four matches. It’s a big draw for the tournament, Ricard said, noting that many players have traveled here for the chance to compete.

“It’s really nice to have people from outside the area and show them what Bay City has to offer,” said Ricard. “Not only our beautiful tennis complex, but share Bay City with them.”



Men’s Final

Mike Rabideau (Midland) defeats. Dan Boyll (Mount Pleasant)

Final Women

Jane Klawon (Bay City) defeated. Susan Scott (Clarkston)

Boys Final

Jack Dwan (Bay City) defeated. Spencer Tepatti (Chesaning)

Girls Final

Dalton Deboer (Midland) defeated. Addy Zanotti (Bay City)


Men’s Final

Logan Brown and Mike Collins (Essexville) beat. Jonathan Wentzell and Michael Wentzell (Lexington)

Final Women

Katy Young and Jennifer Nowosatka (Saginaw) beat. Jane Klawon and Kim Biskup (Bay City)

Girls Final

Drew Wetzel and Aubrey Sommer (Imlay City) beat. Laure Wright and Sara Kavanaugh (Bay City)

Boys Final

Kaleb Whisman and Zach Goetz (Essexville) beat. Tong Da Wu and Tong Xing Wu (Bay City)


Cory Golden (Seattle) and Charlie Gruber (Bay City) beat. Logan Beyer and Madison Beyer (Bay City)

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Men’s sneakers under Rs 999 to pair with casual outfits | Most Wanted Products

By Sneakers
While there is no end to the models and varieties of men’s sneakers on the market, having an accurate budget can easily help you narrow down your options. If you are looking for budget sneakers for men, brands like Bata, Sparx, Campus are some of the great options. When it comes to men’s sneaker models, one can choose between a lace-up or slip-on style and also a range of materials that can include leather, canvas, sports mesh and more. Sneakers are the most comfortable shoe option right after running and walking shoes, and if you wear a combination of jeans and t-shirts most of the time, keeping a pair or two of sneakers spinning is your thing. best bet to look great. Check out our recommendations for men’s sneakers priced at Rs 999:

These trendy white sneakers have a rubber sole and PU upper. The sneakers are designed with sporty stripes on the side. These sneakers will be a classic addition to your wardrobe and will work with all kinds of casual outfits.

The sneakers are also available in two other colors.


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These beige colored shoes will be a neutral addition to the wardrobe and will go with most of your casual outfits. These lace up sneakers have an ethylene vinyl acetate sole and high quality mesh as the upper material.

These sneakers are designed to last a long time and provide comfort to your feet.

Canvas sneakers are a perfect choice for everyday wear. These sneakers have a two-tone sole and metal accessories that hold the laces of the shoe.

Round toe sneakers will look stylish with a combination of skinny jeans and polo t-shirts.

These stylish and smart sneakers are for men who want to show off a color different from the norm. These gray sneakers have a leather upper and matching laces in gray.

Sneakers will look great with casual and semi-formal outfits.

For guys who want to skip the hassle of laces, this pair of slip-on shoes would be perfect for that. The shoes are made from PU leather on the outside and designed with mesh fabric on the inside.

The slip-on sneakers have paneled details on the outside and are perfect for a casual outfit.

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