San Antonio City Councilman Jalen McKee-Rodriguez proposes low-cost insulin program

Councilor Jalen McKee-Rodriguez, just proposing six initiatives for council consideration, proposed a new health care system supported by other councilors aimed at helping San Antonio’s diabetic community.

According to a press release, McKee-Rodriguez filed a motion for council consideration to create a cost-sharing program to help San Antonio residents cover the cost of insulin. The CCR is endorsed by District 4 Councilor Adriana Rocha Garcia and signed by Councilors Phyllis Viagran, Ana Sandoval and Melissa Cabello Havrda.

Black and Latino families in San Antonio disproportionately have diabetes, leading to higher hospitalizations and amputations, according to Metro Health data, and insulin costs are nearly 43 times the U.S. CPI, the release said.

Texas signed a similar law launched last year, capping co-payments at either $35 or $25 for a 30-day supply of insulin.

McKee-Rodriguez says the initiative will continue to recognize and fight racism and inequality as a public health crisis.

“There is stark contrast and disparity in health outcomes in our city based on race, socioeconomic status, where residents live in our city and beyond,” McKee-Rodriguez says in the press release. “Everyone deserves access to affordable, life-saving treatment that improves their quality of life.”

McKee-Rodriguez submitted six other CCRs last week targeting food deserts, crime and recidivism prevention, payday loans, development evictions, animal care services and a utility rate freeze.

The proposed freeze of CPS energy and SAWS tariffs for seniors and people with disabilities gained attention given the recent increase in CPS tariffs.

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